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These Six Incredible Women Served As Undercover Spies in World War II

Author Susan Elia MacNeal of the Maggie Hope mysteries reflects on the importance of female spies in occupied Europe during WWII.


Code Warriors: A Trusty Timeline of the Untrustworthy NSA

Stephen Budiansky, author of Code Warriors, maps out the major milestones in the long, tight-lipped history of the NSA's battle with the Soviet Union.


‘One of Us:’ An Interview with Ben Macintyre on Kim Philby and the KGB

British intelligence officer Kim Philby was one of the United Kingdoms' greatest traitors. Speaking with Ben Macintyre, author of A Spy Among Friends, we learn about Philby's treachery and how he used the British class system as a shield to spy for the KGB.


The True Characters of ‘American Hustle’: Spies, Lies and a Book Giveaway!

In American Hustle, Christian Bale plays Melvin Weinberg, a living, breathing, and highly entertaining conman. To win a copy of The Sting Man about Weinberg's life, and to learn more about the story of Weinberg, Abscam, and what life is like in the FBI, join our giveaway and check out these memoirs.


Biography and Memoir Reviews: WWII Spies and Julia Child

Biography and Memoir Reviews This Week: "Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies" by Ben Macintyre and "Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child" by Bob Spitz.