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The Athletic Mind: 7 Books That Explore Sports Through Philosophy

Here’s a look at seven books that find the common ground between competitive athletic achievement and a measured, layered analysis of the world around us.


What’s LeBron James Really Like? (And More with Jason Lloyd)

Jason Lloyd, author of The Blueprint, shares the truth about LeBron James and delves into why fans love the story side of sports.


Fans of, Ahem, Football Will Find Much to Love in This New Novel

Ross Raisin's book, A Natural, touches on the very real issue of team sports not being the safest spaces for gay athletes, despite their official 'welcome.'


A Former Pro Cyclist Reflects: Why I Don’t Miss the Sport

Phil Gaimon, retired pro cyclist and author of Draft Animals, reflects on his past and explains how he views cycling now and why he doesn't miss it.


A Very Quick History of the Advancement of Women in Sports

Here are ten awesome athletes who defied expectations and created more opportunities for future generations of women in sports.


5 Surprising Things About the Hunting Life

Eva Shockey has grown up a hunter and continues to live field-to-table. Here she outlines five things that may surprise us about the hunting life.