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A Very Quick History of the Advancement of Women in Sports

Here are ten awesome athletes who defied expectations and created more opportunities for future generations of women in sports.


5 Surprising Things About the Hunting Life

Eva Shockey has grown up a hunter and continues to live field-to-table. Here she outlines five things that may surprise us about the hunting life.


Sports, True Crime, and Hot-button Issues Converge in This Riveting Read

Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels, and the Borderland Dream by Joe Tone invites readers into a twisted true crime tale from the world of horse racing.


Life in the Tube: The Best Surfing Books to Read Right Now

Summertime, ocean tides, and good vibes. Catch the literary wave with ten of the best surfing books to read right now. Surf's up!


The Path to Greatness: 12 of the Best Women in Sports Books

These eleven books are a few of our favorites and recount the inspirational and sometimes painful stories of women in sports.


How Did Surfing Come to Feel Like an Elite Sport, Anyway?

Aaron James, author of Surfing with Sartre, explains why surfing is so untouchable in the world of sports - but also why it's so rewarding.