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Nate Parker Elaborates on Lessons Learned From ’99 Rape Case

Nate Parker continues self-assessment following release of rape case history, another thoughtful look at the great Oliver Sacks, and more in today's roundup.


Even ‘Stranger Things’: 10 Post-binge Books and Shows

So you binge-watched the entire first season of 'Stranger Things.' Now what? Perhaps one of these books, movies, or TV shows will help you recover.


Octavia E. Butler Can Now Add Prophesier to Legacy

Octavia E. Butler's prescient use of Donald Trump's campaign slogan, the biggest competition for 'The BFG,' and more in our post-holiday roundup.


Walter Cronkite, Michael Jackson & More: Adaptation News

The Vietnam-era Walter Cronkite film has found its director. This and more in our monthly adaptation news update.


Why ‘The BFG’ May Be Steven Spielberg’s Greatest Legacy

A 3-D animated film for kids may turn out to be the greatest legacy of director Steven Spielberg. Here’s why.


Spielberg and Fukunaga Plot to Revive Stanley Kubrick Project

Steven Spielberg and Cary Fukunaga are getting their hands on a Stanley Kubrick project, Alejandro Jodorowsky's source material, and more in today's roundup.