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Lynsey Addario: From the Front Lines to Steven Spielberg

The life of war photojournalist Lynsey Addario has just taken an interesting turn -- with Steven Spielberg at the wheel.


Spielberg Enlists Jennifer Lawrence to Star as War Photographer in 'It's What I Do'

Today's Daily Blunt also delivers bombastic Rocky Balboa updates and the unaired "Fifty Shades" SNL sketch.


Celebrating Ray Bradbury’s Sunny Outlook

The eternal optimist Ray Bradbury (1920 – 2012) would have turned 94 this week. Celebrate his sunny outlook by diving into Listen to the Echoes, a collection of interviews with the author.


Holiday as Character: 6 Movies Starring the Fourth of July

Sure, the Fourth of July is a nationally-observed holiday -- but did you know it's also frequently cast in Hollywood?


The Complete Post-'Frozen' Watch List for Kids of All Ages

When you're tired of seeing 'Frozen' played again and again On-demand or on DVD, check out our complete list of what to watch next.


The Horror, the Horror: 3 Movies with Nightmarish Productions

Every movie is bound to encounter a little bad luck during production, but some of them seem to get more than their share of trouble.