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Sundance 2016 by the Books: 12 Must-See Movies for Lit Lovers

The Sundance Film Festival is nigh! America’s premier independent film showcase kicks off Thursday, January 21, and its 120-movie-strong feature-film program — culled from more than four t


Jeff Bridges Mourns 'The Giver' That Might Have Been

Jeff Bridges talks about the evolution of his movie 'The Giver,' 'The Hobbit' as grounds for suspension, and more in our Daily Blunt.


Sundance 2015 By the Books: 12 Must-Sees for the Very Literary

With Sundance 2015 upon us, Signature parses the must-sees for the more bookish among us.


Seattle Film Festival Day 1: Racism, Cancer, Terrorism and Other Unresolvable Problems

The festival’s tag line – 'Be Curious' – felt more like an imperative by the end of a movie triathlon of day one.


Lives on Screen: The Biopic Lineup of Sundance 2013

As the 2013 Sundance Film Festival kicks off in Park City, Signature has combed the screening schedule to pick out the best movies inspired by real life.


The Liar's Club: The Truth and Consequences of My Real-Life Relationship with the Fabulist at the Heart of The Imposter

Christine Spines first heard from Frederic Bourdin back in 1998. But how honest was he really being with the journalist?