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It Never Ends: A Reading List for ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Fans

Are you a fan of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ – and are you dying to find more entertainment like it? Rest easy; we’ve got you covered.


Celebrate Friday the 13th with 7 Supernatural Film Adaptations

If you feel up to celebrating the superstitious day from the comfort of your own couch, here are seven adaptations featuring beloved characters in some pretty unlucky situations.


If ‘Carrie’ Were Real: Supernatural True Stories to Spookify Your Reading List

In recognition of Stephen King's Carrie, and the many bloody remakes since it's initial printing, we present these seven supposedly true supernatural stories.


Haunted Memoirs

Ghosts, goblins, monsters, more. Tonight is the night that ordinary mortals get rewarded for channeling their inner spooks and specters. But for some people, brushes with the paranormal are not confined to just one day a year, and don’t result in bags full of mini Tootsie Pops and fun-sized Twix. For the authors of these supernatural memoirs and biographies, ghosts and ghouls are all-too-real phenomena. So put on your scariest costume, load up on Candy Corn, and be prepared to be scared out of your mind.


Sleep No More, Macbeth … and New York

Shakespeare’s Macbeth finds new treatment in an old hotel in Manhattan, courtesy of the UK's immersion-theater-loving performance group Punchdrunk.


Odd Thomas Movie Cast Comes Together

Filming on Dean Koontz's beloved bestseller reportedly began in May on location in Santa Fe, NM with Anton Yelchin starring as Odd and Addison Timlin as reader-favorite Stormy Llewellyn.