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The Cultural Significance of “Awesome” and “Cool” in Today’s World

What does it mean to be “cool” these days? Nick Riggle, author of On Being Awesome, takes a look at awesomeness and coolness and how it's defined today.


Life in the Tube: The Best Surfing Books to Read Right Now

Summertime, ocean tides, and good vibes. Catch the literary wave with ten of the best surfing books to read right now. Surf's up!


Hell Is Other People: Jean-Paul Sartre vs. Surfing, Illustrated

What would Jean-Paul Sartre have to say to modern-day surfers? Illustrator Nathan Gelgud imagines with some help from Aaron James's Surfing with Sartre.


How Did Surfing Come to Feel Like an Elite Sport, Anyway?

Aaron James, author of Surfing with Sartre, explains why surfing is so untouchable in the world of sports - but also why it's so rewarding.


Reef Deep: Q&A with William Finnegan on Barbarian Days

Signature caught up with William Finnegan, writer for The New Yorker and devoted surfer, to talk about his gorgeous new memoir, Barbarian Days.


Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell: Swearing by the Surf in North Shore, Hawaii

We sit down with Chas Smith of Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell to learn about the North Shore surfer community in Hawaii: a relatively untouched community known for great waves, exclusive surfers and tough love.