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Read Me Like a Book: 7 Must-Read Memoirs for Book Lovers

For avowed bookworms, the next best thing to a shiny new paperback is a lively conversation with a fellow reader about books. The next best thing to that conversation? The roundup of reading memoirs we've collected here.


The Woman Behind 'The Woman in Black': A Q&A with Author Susan Hill

The author of the novel on which the Daniel Radcliffe-starring movie is based opens up about ghosts, fiction, and the process of letting go.


Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg? If That Don't Beat All

In today's news you'll also hear from George Lucas about his upcoming retirement, learn about James Bond's equal opportunity employer, and boogie down to a Hollywood-flavored Lionel Richie tribute.


Radcliffe Sees Dead People: Full Trailer for The Woman in Black

The full trailer for "The Woman in Black" has Daniel Radcliffe running scared and viewers jumping out of their seats.


'The Woman in Black' Starring Daniel Radcliffe: Trailer

Chills ensue in the new teaser trailer for "The Woman in Black," starring Danielle Radcliffe as a young lawyer who encounters a vengeful ghost while sorting out the affairs of his recently deceased client.