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Two Books With Alcoholic Protagonists That Actually Avoid Clichés

By making their main characters alcoholics, both Sparrow and Boyd avoid the common cliches about drinking and write about real, complex human stories.


Thriller Writing, Hurricanes, and More: A Chat with Author Brendan Duffy

We got the chance to speak with Brendan Duffy about writing thrillers, what inspires him, the essential elements to a suspenseful novel, and more.


Weekend Rec: Carl Hiaasen’s Wildly Humorous Novel, Razor Girl

What better way to wind down the week than basking in the sun of Carl Hiassen’s decidedly off-kilter vision of Florida in Razor Girl?


Why Setting is an Important Tool for Writing Thrillers

Jennifer McMahon, author of Burntown, explains the role of setting in thrillers and how to craft a setting that adds to the suspense of a story.


A Bumpy Ride: The Top 9 Road Trip Nightmares in Literature

Whether on the run from preternatural terrors or more human dangers, here are a few of our favorite edge-of-your-seat road trip nightmares.


Jennifer Finney Boylan on Writing Her Riveting Thriller, Long Black Veil

Jennifer Finney Boylan joins Lindsay to talk about her novel Long Black Veil. They talk murder, historical figures, and intrigue.