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A Nordic Paradise: 9 Best Books to Understand Swedish Life and Culture

The books in this list are all written by Swedish authors, and represent a slice of what the nation’s long-thriving literary community has to offer.


How Moving to New York from Sweden Changed My Approach to Cooking

Johanna Kindvall, author of Smorgasbord and an expert on Swedish cuisine, talks about her experience in moving to NYC from Sweden, and about food culture.


Mortality, Loss, and Good Cinema: See ‘A Man Called Ove’

Swedish cinematic import ‘A Man Called Ove’ is profoundly Scandinavian in all the best ways possible. Here’s why you should see it.


Lord of the Swedish Flies: Notes on Fredrik Sjöberg’s ‘The Fly Trap’

Fredrik Sjöberg's The Fly Trap, a memoir of his life cataloging hoverflies, is also a study on influence, culture, and human nature.


The Almost Nearly Perfect People: A Sense of Scandinavia in 5 Memoirs

In his new book, The Almost Nearly Perfect People, Michael Booth reveals the true character of the region -- not nearly as placid, contented, or well-adjusted as they’d like us to believe. For more inside views of life Scandi-style, check out these memoirs.


A Sinful Chat with Jens Lapidus, Author of the Thrilling New Book Easy Money

Jens Lapidus has been hailed as the next Stieg Larsson and from his electrifying new crime novel, it is clear why. Lapidus' gritty story is set in Stockholm and depicts an underworld of Euro-mobsters. Connected with this sinister set is a group of rich, young things on the party scene, and it would appear a penchant for violence does not discriminate whether you're wearing Prada or prison couture.