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Nothing Unnatural: 9 Quotes In Praise of Queer Sex

LGBTQ individuals are often so embroiled in defending their basic rights that it's easy to overlook the simple, human pleasures of queer sex.


The Books of Grey Gardens: Peek Inside the Beales’s Personal Library

The books of Grey Gardens, the beginnings of Les Miserables, and more. It's all here, ready and waiting, in your Daily Blunt.


Phillip Lewis on the Literary Easter Eggs in His Novel The Barrowfields

Phillip Lewis, author of The Barrowfields, discusses the myriad literary influences that have gone into his writing, from the Bible to Tennessee Williams.


Don’t Hang Back With the Brutes: 10 Quotes On the Value of the Arts

Herewith are quotes by thinkers, artists, and authors throughout history who observed the tremendous power of the arts to shape our minds.


George R.R. Martin Mourns the Losses of Carrie Fisher & Richard Adams

In which we toast our departed literary legends, and look forward to Obama's next book. It's your Daily Blunt!


For National Coming Out Day: 15 Quotes Defending Outspoken Queerness

Here are 15 quotes from authors who, consciously or otherwise, left stepping stones behind for outspoken queer people of all stripes to tread on.