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Catch Up on the History of Old ‘Wonder Woman’ Foe, Doctor Poison

Doctor Poison of Wonder Woman is worth your attention, as is the gay thread in The Babadook. This and more in today's Daily Blunt!


Inmates Are Using Dungeons & Dragons to Cope With Prison Life

Dungeons & Dragons has found a surprising new demographic, a seldom-seen side of late comedienne and icon Joan Rivers, and more. All here, all in your Daily Blunt.


Dragon Con 2015: Another Great Year for Gender-Swapped Cosplay

In which downtown Atlanta is conquered by male Furiosas, female Hellboys, and other playful twists on classic characters.


Stephen Daldry's Wicked Adaptation Will Fly in 2016

Oz fans rejoice! In our Friday Daily Blunt, we've got an update on Stephen Daldry's Wicked adaptation and more.


Best 2014 Souvenir: Actual 'Babadook' Pop-Up Book

Today's Daily Blunt also lingers over nutty "Back to the Future" conspiracies and Target's embattled "Annie" clothing line.


'The Babadook': A Movie for the DIY Mother

Is the underlying current of Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Babadook’ actually about sympathy for the Bad Mommy?