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10 Fictional Characters That We Just Love to Hate

There are some fictional characters, like Harry Potter's Professor Umbridge to The Great Gatsby's Tom Buchanan, that we just love to hate.


Glitz, Glamour, Drama: 14 Books on High Society to Read Right Now

These fourteen books will transport you to a different world full of parties, glamour, scandal, and an overabundance of drama.


Texas Prisons Ban Books by Langston Hughes, But ‘Mein Kampf’ Stays

Today we're also peeking behind the scenes at those new Judy Blume covers, and watching intently as booksellers battle California's new autograph law. Welcome to your Daily Blunt!


The 5 Most Creative Feature Film Adaptations Ever

These five movie adaptations took their source material and ran with it, resulting in some of the most creative feature film adaptations ever.


19 F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes for Flappers and Philosophers

These 19 F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes encapsulate the American author's overarching view of the world in his usual dazzling, world-weary fashion.


Summer Reading Cinema: 7 Adaptations to Revisit Now

Fall is upon us, which means kids everywhere are racing to finish their required vacation reading. If you grew up as a book worm, summer reading was a joy rather than a punishment, and you may miss ha