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Jessica Chastain: From Jolene to Beyond

From 'Jolene' to 'The Help' to 'Zero Dark Thirty,' Jessica Chastain is a cinematic chameleon.


Octavia Spencer Unveils Directorial Talent at SoHo Film Festival

Today we also consider the hidden talents of composer Danny Elfman, and the best and brightest female characters in young adult literature.


'The Help' Re-Imagined As a Musical

Also in today's spotlight: the nun who kissed Elvis, and a new chapter in the career of Matt Bomer.


7 Reasons 'The Descendants' Should Win the Best Picture Oscar

Some of us (ahem) can’t stop extolling the wonderfulness that is Oscar-nominated film ‘The Descendants.’ Here are seven reasons why. Have a read and then tell us if you agree ... or disagree.


Entire Internet Put On Hold While We Watch 'Game of Thrones' Teaser Trailer

We also share today a child's perspective on a horror classic, Taylor Lautner's path crosses with Stretch Armstrong's, and yet another wrinkle in arguments about "The Help."