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'The Music Never Stopped' Trailer and Release Date

The "Music Never Stopped," based on an essay by Oliver Sacks, hits theaters March 18. Check out the trailer.


Music on the Brain: Our Sundance Interview with The Music Never Stopped Director Jim Kohlberg

The director caught up with W&F after staying up until the wee hours celebrating the standing ovation his film received.


Sundance Day 2: 'The Music Never Stopped'

J. K. Simmons gives a virtuoso performance that puts him in a league with such elder statesman thespians as Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall.


HBO Scores the Rights to 'Project Nim'

The James Marsh-directed documentary, based on the book Nim Chimpsky by Elizabeth Hess is the second book-based project to find its home before Sundance has even begun.


Sundance 2011: Signature's Pre-festival Primer

Long before anyone had the incentive or inclination (technologically or otherwise) to create a publication like this one, which caters to the ardent and expansive community of culture buffs fascinated by literary storytelling in all formats -- words and images; pages and screens; pods and pads. Back in its early '90s heyday, the Sundance Film Festival espoused a similar sensibility in its approach to creating a gathering place for the kind of serious film fans and filmmakers alike. It was a crowd not unlike the book-loving cineastes who are Signature's raison d'etre.