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Bark, Who Goes There? 10 Beloved Fictional Dogs

Let's take a momentary break from adoring all the real-life doggos, and revel in some of the made-up ones that turned us into pup lovers in the first place.


Virus Run Amok: ‘Inferno’ and the 12 Best Plague Movies

'Inferno,' the latest Dan Brown adaptation, has us all wound up about plagues. Here are twelve of the best plague movies ever.


The Wisdom of Stephen King in 16 Quotes

For his birthday, we're revisiting 16 Stephen King quotes, strewn like flecks of gold throughout long, absorbing (and often quite gruesome) manuscripts.


Checking In: A Stephen King Adaptations Update

Stephen King’s adapters always have multiple irons in the fire. Here are the statuses of eight of his percolating movie projects.


'Mad Max: Fury Road' & 8 Great Post-Apocalyptic Narratives

Inspired by the return of Mad Max, we've rounded up some of our favorite post-apocalyptic material.


Adaptation Gold: What Is It About Stephen King?

Why are the works of Stephen King so perfectly suited to adaptation? Let us explain.