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Out of the Gutter: The Case for Comic Book Adaptations

With the dearth of high-quality horror movies out there lately, why isn’t Hollywood making more comic book adaptations?


Nerd-Approved Autumn: October’s Biggest Sci-fi Moments

From Jessica Jones to The Force Awakens and beyond, we’ve got all the recent sci-fi and fantasy news right here.


A Book-to-Film Fan's Guide to New York Comic-con

New York Comic-con is upon us, and if you’re an adaptation fan, here’s what you need to know.


Disney's New 'Mary Poppins' Will Feature All New Songs, Stories

Big changes to 'Mary Poppins,' smoking in movies, and more in today's roundup.


Face-off: Ranking the 9 Best Comics-Based TV Shows

With Marvel, DC, and others up the airwaves with comic-based TV shows, it's about time we get to ranking them.


Read Your Brains Out: ‘The Walking Dead’ Survivalist’s Reading List

Rick and Co. could always stand to learn a little more about survival and teamwork. Without further ado: we present three books written by people who have witnessed some of the worst the world has to offer and came back alive.