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Haruki Murakami Urges Nations to Explore Their Dark Side

Haruki Murakami on exclusion, Roald Dahl on fashion (literally), and more in today's roundup. Gather around for your Daily Blunt, kids!


Election as Entertainment: 15 Musts to See and Read

If the state of the U.S. presidential election has got you down, chin up and check out one of these alternate political realities in our election as entertainment guide.


The Art of Political Rebellion on Shakespeare’s Stage

Dr. Pauline Kiernan brings us back to the 1590s, when theatergoers were shocked by how accurately they saw their lives reflected in Shakespeare's plays.


Arthur Miller’s Play ‘The Crucible’ Shines Light on Donald Trump

Nathan Gelgud illustrates the political and cultural relevance of Arthur Miller today, 100 years after his birth.


Birth of a Penman: Celebrating the Eternal Work of Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller, whose centennial we celebrate October 17, was, if not a literal giant of the American stage, certainly a massive presence.


The Play Re-Writ: 5 Must-Watch Arthur Miller Adaptations

On the occasion of Arthur Miller’s centennial, let’s look at the best adaptations of his work.