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1984 on Broadway May Make You Sick – Literally

As we kick off this midsummer week, we're looking at the new production of 1984, the TSA's intentions with literature, and more.


Final Julius Caesar Performances Marred by Onstage Protesters

The Public Theater's Julius Caesar does not go quietly into the night, Disney's 'Inside Out' faces a bit of trouble, and more in today's Daily Blunt.


NYC Pushes Back With Bloody, Trump-Themed ‘Julius Caesar’

Shakespeare in the Park is gorgeously testing the limits of free speech this summer via Julius Caesar. We've got this and more in today's roundup.


You’re On: 11 Quotes Showing the Power of Theater

This week’s annual Tony Awards ceremony has some pretty big shoes to fill: thanks to “Hamilton,” 2016’s enjoyed the highest ratings in 15 years. However, one thing that remain


How War and Peace Factors In to the 2017 Tony Awards

Signature is taking a literary look at the 2017 Tony Awards – and War and Peace isn’t the only literary angle we found. Read on for more.


Broadway Book Writers on Making a Musical Tick

We caught up with the writers behind the Broadway shows ‘Amélie’ and ‘Groundhog Day’ to talk about the shows’ path to opening.