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19 F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes for Flappers and Philosophers

These 19 F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes encapsulate the American author's overarching view of the world in his usual dazzling, world-weary fashion.


Words of Wonder: 19 Awe-Inspiring Ray Bradbury Quotes

"Life is like underwear, should be changed twice a day." This nugget of wisdom is just the tip of the Ray Bradbury quotes iceberg. Let's dive in, shall we?


Facing Hard Truths: 8 Zadie Smith Quotes that Cut to the Heart

This week we celebrate Zadie Smith's October birth with eight great quotes from the renowned British author of White Teeth.


Get Busy Living: 40 Years of Stephen King in 20 Quotes

Celebrate the birth of the ever-prolific Stephen King and his forty years of publishing novels with these twenty quotes from across his writing career.


9 Upton Sinclair Quotes for Misfits and Muckrakers

Celebrate the birth of one of America's greatest disruptive writers, Upton Sinclair, who was born this week in 1878, with these quotes from his work.


The Culture of Contradiction in 9 D.H. Lawrence Quotes

To commemorate a man whose life was made up of such stark contradiction, we've gathered some of his most paradoxical thoughts for you to ponder.