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7 Fictional Vigilantes Worth Reading Now

Vigilantes in literature, when done well, are an awesome way to escape. Here are seven to introduce yourself to immediately.


Heck Yes, ‘Inferno’: Movie Fans Won’t Be Disappointed

‘Inferno,’ the latest in the Da Vinci Code franchise created by Dan Brown, offers breakneck pacing, double and triple crosses, and all the things we’ve come to expect – and love.


Jack Reacher Will Never Be a Bore: A Q&A with Lee Child

“I’m impossible to find,” Jack Reacher says in the eponymously named 2012 thriller that launched Tom Cruise’s latest action franchise. While true to the popular character, who prides himself o


11 Spooky Books to Give You the Chills

Tis the season for scares! Curl up with one of these suspenseful thrillers, paranormal tales, or haunting histories to keep yourself just a little spooked.


Listen: Blake Crouch on the Multiverse, Love, and Dark Matter

We spoke with Blake Crouch, author of Dark Matter and The Wayward Pines Trilogy, on Beaks and Geeks about love, the multiverse, and writing. Listen in!


Inside the Family Trance: A Review of ‘Louis Drax’

'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' could not be more appropriately titled, given its many internal ghosts.