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Weekend Rec: M.J. Alridge's Bingeable Thriller, The Doll's House

This weekend, we're binge-reading M.J. Alridge's thrilling crime mystery, The Doll's House, from his Helen Grace series. Grab a copy and get reading!


9 Mystery and Thriller Books to Get You Hooked on the Rest of the Series

These 9 mysteries and thrillers stand up well on their own, but are part of much larger series that you're very likely to get hooked on with just one read.


The Literary Allure of Edinburgh, Explained

Jonathan Skariton, author of Séance Infernale, discusses how Edinburgh influenced his writing, and why it's such a spectacularly mysterious city.


It Is Okay to Change Paths: Tess Gerritsen on Becoming a Writer

Tess Gerritsen, author of the acclaimed Rizzoli & Isles novels, shares how her past as a physician helped her grow into a strong writer.


‘Mr. Mercedes’ May Be Latest Stephen King Adaptation to Get It Right

‘Mr. Mercedes,’ the series adaptation of Stephen King’s 2014 Edgar-winning novel, has quietly landed on small screens – and it’s good.


On Writing, Marriage, and Writing About Marriage in Fiction

Michelle Richmond discusses the joys and challenges of modern marriage and how she devised the plot for her newest novel, The Marriage Pact.