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10 Debut Novels That You Need to Read Before Spring 2018

Don’t let these debuts pass you by – pick up one (or many) of these mesmerizing reads, and get utterly lost in a newly fabricated fictional world.


Chilling Releases: The Top 20 Thrillers to Read This Winter Season

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9 Stephen King Stories That Should Be Adapted Into Film

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4 Things Every Thriller Writer Can Learn From Charlotte’s Web

Brad Parks, author of Say Nothing, joins Signature to discuss the four components of a successful thriller - all of which can be found in Charlotte's Web.


The Best Books of December 2017: From Chiaverini to Arden

There's a little something for everyone in December 2017's new crop of books, from historical fiction by Jennifer Chiaverini to new Katherine Arden.


Ditch the Haunted House: 15 Heart-Stopping Thrillers to Read This Fall

Fall is the perfect time for all kinds of spooky endeavors. But if you really want a good scare, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these thrillers.