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Fractured Identity: The 12 Best Vietnam War Books

The Vietnam War was one of the most pivotal moments in U.S. history, and these twelve are some of the best Vietnam War books out there.


5 Books on the Absurdities of Military Life

Mary Roach's 'Grunt' is one of five books that, while respectful of our armed services, holds an eyebrow firmly cocked at the absurdities of war.


Tim O’Brien Pens a New, Powerful Afterword to ‘Going After Cacciato’

Instead of writing about war, Tim O'Brien writes through it, unpacking the psychological baggage borne by confused and courageous soldiers. In his new afterword to Going After Cacciato, we witness this deft literary compassion firsthand.


'A Very Old and Terrible Lie': Lone Survivor and Morality in a War Zone

Where you fall in your gut reaction to a film as well-intentioned, sad, and brutal as Peter Berg's Lone Survivor will be determined by your ability to find any meaning in war itself.