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Crazy Rich Asians Trailer Incites Viewer Frenzy

Also in the news: Mara Wilson puts Twitter under the microscope, and LitHub pens a literary listicle about listicles. It's your Daily Blunt!


Jaws, Guns, and Family Ties: 14 Fun Emily Blunt Facts

Before she becomes Mary Poppins and the Girl on the Train, we’re rounding up some fun facts about adaptation it girl Emily Blunt.


NYC at Last: At Home with Greta Gerwig and ‘Maggie’s Plan’

That rarest of New York ensemble films about attractive, overly educated people (and, yes, that’s a cinema genre unto itself), “Maggie’s Plan” is not the ugly stepchild of a twentieth-century


‘Sunset Song’ and Staying Power: A Q&A with Terence Davies

English director Terence Davies joins us to talk about his latest films, why he’s relatively unknown, and more.


Whit Stillman Lays Bare Love for Jane Austen in ‘Love & Friendship’

In his latest directorial effort, ‘Love & Friendship,’ Whit Stillman finally brings his take on Jane Austen to the forefront.


Watch: ‘Inferno’ Teaser Trailer Promises More of the Same

The teaser trailer for Ron Howard's 'Inferno' sets up Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) as the savior in yet another long-simmering, symbol-laden mystery.