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Watch: First ‘Snowden’ Trailer Shows Intense Promise

The trailer for ‘Snowden’ is here – and it looks like it’s in line with the intensity of the story on which the movie is based.


The Year of Living Dave Eggers-ly with Tom Hanks

We sat in on a conversation between John Oliver and Tom Hanks as ‘A Hologram for the King,’ adapted from the book by Dave Eggers, moves toward its premiere.


Jesse Eisenberg on Lex Luthor and Writing: A Conversation

Jesse Eisenberg spoke to Signature about the literary nature of his new film, Lex Luthor’s reading list, and the piece of advice that fundamentally changed his approach to writing. Read on.


Meet ‘Barney Thomson’: A Review of the Near-perfect Film

‘Barney Thomson,’ the directorial debut of Robert Carlyle, is near perfect in its cozy Glasgow-set rattiness.


Behold the First Trailer for The Perks of Being a Wallflower: A Mercifully Low-Tech Take on Teen Angst

In the age of Harry Potter and Hunger Games, it's become increasingly hard to find a non-dystopian tale of teen angst.


Extremely Moving and Incredibly Poignant Trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Daldry and Co. had us within the first few tinny bars of The Edge's famous opening riff from "Where the Streets Have No Name."