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Read Your Way Through Italy: 13 Books to Take You from Venice to Sicily

Travel through Italy without leaving your seat! Here are thirteen books to take you through the entire country with just the turn of a page.


Reimagining Home: Writing Scotland as a Fictional Setting

Annalena McAfee discusses using her ancestral home of Scotland as an inspiration for the remarkable setting in her newest book, Hame.


The Literary Allure of Edinburgh, Explained

Jonathan Skariton, author of Séance Infernale, discusses how Edinburgh influenced his writing, and why it's such a spectacularly mysterious city.


Filling in the Blind Spot: An Interview with Photographer Teju Cole

Teju Cole, NYT Magazine photography critic and author of Known and Strange Things, joins Signature to discuss his collection of photography, Blind Spot.


On the Road with the Nabokovs: Vladimir Nabokov’s Trip Across the USA

Nathan Gelgud illustrates Vladimir Nabokov's journey across the U.S.A., and Landon Y. Jones remembers journeying in Vladimir Nabokov's footsteps.


How a Night Class in Spanish Led to a Novel in Mexico

Lili Wright joins Signature to discuss how living in Mexico for a time changed her life and inspired her to write her first novel, Dancing with the Tiger.