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The World Down Under: 10 Best Books to Understand Australia

This list of ten books and novels, most written by Australian authors, should give insight into the literary world down under.


A Nordic Paradise: 9 Best Books to Understand Swedish Life and Culture

The books in this list are all written by Swedish authors, and represent a slice of what the nation’s long-thriving literary community has to offer.


Take a Literary Tour of the U.S. with These 50 State-Set Books

It's time for a literary tour! This list of books represents some of the best books, both fiction and nonfiction, from each of the fifty states.


3 Simple Rules for How to Cook and Eat Well When You Travel

Lia Huber is an entrepreneur, consultant, recipe developer and food writer. Here, she shares tips for how to cook and eat well while traveling.


Here Are Some of the Best Questions to Ask to Connect with Strangers

Sakyong Mipham, author of The Lost Art of Good Conversation, shares a few questions that are perfect for starting conversations with strangers.


On the Train Again: Great Books for Every Kind of Commute

If you’re on public transportation on the regular, check out our guide to what books to read based on what kind of commute you have.