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An Ongoing War: The 7 Best Books to Decode Terrorism and Extremists

Terrorism is a threat that shadows every aspect of life, yet most of us don’t really understand it. These books offer a good start toward demystification.


That Time Kissinger Kept Project Azorian from Killing U.S.-Russia Relations

Josh Dean, author of The Taking of K-129, discusses the long-term effects that covert operation Project Azorian had on U.S.-Russia relations.


Fractured Identity: The 12 Best Vietnam War Books

The Vietnam War was one of the most pivotal moments in U.S. history, and these twelve are some of the best Vietnam War books out there.


Is the Pacific Northwest Really Destined for a Megathrust Earthquake?

Henry Fountain delves into how the biggest earthquake in North America impacted Alaska and how likely it is the Pacific Northwest will be hit hard next.


Shaka Senghor on Fixing the United States’ Prison System

Shaka Senghor spent 19 years in prison, and has become a leading voice in criminal justice reform. Here, he identifies the areas where change is necessary.


The Top 5 Charming Bookstores That Span the Southern States

New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry shares her top five favorite bookstores located in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama.