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Coming Home: How to Communicate with Returning Soldiers

Jon Kerstetter served as a combat physician and flight surgeon for the U.S. Army, and here he shares insight into the the experience of returning soldiers.


Fractured Identity: The 12 Best Vietnam War Books

The Vietnam War was one of the most pivotal moments in U.S. history, and these twelve are some of the best Vietnam War books out there.


Gold Star Mothers: Ghazala Khan and the Meaning of Sacrifice

Many have asked 'What are Gold Star Mothers?' in the wake of Trump's indecent remarks about the Khan family. Author April Smith explains their significance.


What Does it Mean to Belong? 5 Books on Tribes and Their Members

In Tribe, Sebastian Junger asserts that we all want to belong to a tribe. These five books explore belonging, from tribes of runners to tribes of birders.


Writing Crime and PTSD: 3 Questions For Nicholas Petrie

We caught up with Nicholas Petrie to chat about the research he did in preparation for his debut novel, The Drifter, and what he plans on writing next.


Never Forgetting Our Veterans: Two Biographies of Brave Americans

To honor this Veteran's Day, we're looking at two unique stories: One, about a group of American nurses trapped on Bataan as the Japanese approach the Philippines, and the second about a soldier who joins JPAC to search for fallen soldiers and bring them to burial on American soil.