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What the Undoing of Dodd Frank Would Mean for America

Rana Foroohar explains how undoing Dodd Frank would say quite a lot about where the Trump Administration’s priorities -- and loyalties -- lie.


Blue Chip Books: 6 Different Takes on the Ways of Wall Street

Like it or not, we’re all subject to Wall Street's workings. But do we fully understand what that means? These 6 recent Wall Street books should help.


Beyond Burr and Hamilton: The 7 Best Books on Rivalries

The right kind of rivalry can push us to our best, and the wrong kind can end in a beheading. These seven books on rivalries from history run the full range.


Weekend Reading: America’s Bank, George Soros, and More

This weekend, keep politics away from the Federal Reserve, catch up with the United Nations General Assembly, and follow George Soros's latest investment.


It’s a Dry Word, But ‘Financialization’ is the Key to Inequality

The term 'financialization' is mostly bandied about by academics, but if you want to cut to the marrow of income inequality, you need to know what it means.


To Have and Have More: 3 Critical Books on America’s Wealth Gap

Despite great chatter about income inequality, voters are gravitating towards some of the wealthiest candidates in political history.