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'Dallas Buyers Club' Backlash: 'The Help' for Gay People

From Dallas Buyers Club to deplorable animal rights news, and from the esoteric to the ridiculous, we're touching on plenty in today's roundup.


New 'Game of Thrones' Season Requires Spoiler Sensitivity Training

The scarcity of quality, the youngest Miss Havisham and War Horse gallops into homes, all in today's round-up.


7 Reasons 'The Descendants' Should Win the Best Picture Oscar

Some of us (ahem) can’t stop extolling the wonderfulness that is Oscar-nominated film ‘The Descendants.’ Here are seven reasons why. Have a read and then tell us if you agree ... or disagree.


The Academy Has Spoken: Lars Von Trier Shut Out of Oscar Race, Four Adaptations Vie For 'Best Picture'

Some surprising revelations in today's Oscar announcements ... plus casting for "The Normal Heart" and more.


Vote for Best Motion Picture! Plus Signature Live Tweets the Golden Globes

With so many adaptations up for Best Motion Picture Drama, we're chomping at the bit to know what film you think is going to take the coveted award home. Also, join us Sunday as we live-tweet the awards show!