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The Best Books About Drones to Read Into the Future of War

If war is a human activity, what does war without humans look like? What does it even mean? These books about drones shed some light on that possibility.


Behind the Books with Brian Kilmeade

Brian Kilmeade, author of Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates, joins Signature to talk about his writing and reading habits.


In Wartime: A Reader’s Guide to Ukraine in 5 Books

With the release of Tim Judah's In Wartime, which gives readers a look at what Ukraine once was, we've rounded up the 5 best books on Ukraine and Russia.


Weekend Reading: Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia, the Sixth Extinction, and More

This weekend, closely monitor Hillary Clinton's health (or maybe don't), consider the Syria Civil Defense for the next Nobel Peace Prize, and beware the sixth extinction.


The Big Red Button: 10 Great Works of Art on Nuclear Warfare

Like 'Dr. Strangelove,' born of the Cold War chaos around nuclear warfare, these 10 works of art illuminate our ongoing atomic age.


Fighting on Horseback: The Revered Place of Horses in WWII

Elizabeth Letts spoke with Signature about her latest book, The Perfect Horse, the story of a little-known mission to rescue pedigree stallions during WWII.