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The Anatomy of a Soldier: Near-Death in Iraq with Harry Parker

Harry Parker, author of Anatomy of a Soldier, reflects on his near-death experience tanking through an Iraqi street.


4 Lessons Homer’s Odyssey Can Teach Us About Returning from War

Bryan Doerries, author of The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan, discusses the relevance that Homer's the Odyssey has to American veterans today.


In ‘WTF,’ Western Narcissism is Subtext to the Surreality of War

In "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," adapted from Kim Barker's "Taliban Shuffle," Tina Fey plays an out-of-her-depth print journalist in war-torn Afghanistan.


The Valley: A Book Born in Indignity and Raised in Ramadi, Iraq

The Valley, John Renehan's first novel, is inspired by his role as a lieutenant in Ramadi, Iraq, carrying out the most unwanted of Army rituals.


Visits With Death: Bearing the Heavy Burden of Life and War

Ross Ritchell, author of The Knife, joins Signature to reflect on the hard-earned meaning he's found in life from the absurdity of war.


How the Globe Was Stitched Together in 1946

Victor Sebestyen, author of '1946,' sat down with Signature to discuss his take on that pivotal year as both a journalist and historian.