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These Six Incredible Women Served As Undercover Spies in World War II

Author Susan Elia MacNeal of the Maggie Hope mysteries reflects on the importance of female spies in occupied Europe during WWII.


On War, Art, How We Got Here and Where We’re to Go

We caught up with Sarah Sentilles, author of the new book Draw Your Weapons, to talk about war, terrorism, the art that grows among it, and more.


Now I Am Become Poetry, Creator of Life: An Interview with Kelly Cherry

We spoke with Kelly Cherry, author of Quartet for J. Robert Oppenheimer, about Oppenheimer, MFA programs, and being told to “shut up" but speaking anyway.


The Past, Present, and Future of DARPA, Our Imagineers of War

The government agency DARPA was born in the dawn of the space age and has evolved to meet the needs of America's military future.


What We Talk About When We Talk About Civil Wars

David Armitage, author of Civil Wars, unpacks the meaning of "civil war" beyond its dictionary definition, and how it varies by time and place.


The 10 Best Books on the Vietnam War Told by Those Who Lived It

These 10 books on the Vietnam War offer invaluable perspective for those who grew up reading about the conflict solely from western viewpoints.