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Book Tours as Tools for Continuing Education

Wherever I’ve traveled with my book, people have shared with me their connections to my World War I story. My education continues, and the discussions grow.


Photographer Peter van Agtmael Explores America at Home During War

We spoke with Peter van Agtmael about his latest book of photographs, Buzzing at the Sill, a series of reflections on war, race, and identity in America.


Broken Brothers: 7 Books that Imagine America at War with Itself

These novels and nonfiction books ask readers to imagine a world in which most of what we take for granted -- our communal bond -- falls apart.


A House Divided: Reimagining Abraham Lincoln in Two New Books

Two new books, one fiction and one non, seem aptly timed to our current desire for a Lincolnian figure to save us from our current crisis.


This Side of Syria: Best Books to Understand the Syrian Experience

In the kickoff to our new series, we've curated essential reading - fiction and nonfiction, by Syrians and non-Syrians, to understand this war-torn country.


Tim Brady on the Full-Hearted Life of Ted Roosevelt Jr.

Tim Brady, author of His Father's Son, talks about Ted Roosevelt Jr.'s charm, his valor on the battlefield, and his row with the Hyde Park Roosevelts.