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How the Globe Was Stitched Together in 1946

Victor Sebestyen, author of '1946,' sat down with Signature to discuss his take on that pivotal year as both a journalist and historian.


WATCH: Ted Koppel on the Fragility of America’s Cyber Grid

In his book Lights Out, Ted Koppel explores the possibility of a cyberattack on America's cyber grid. An attack for which we are woefully unprepared.


The First World War in Fiction, Then and Now

Coming up with an easy description of Ian Thornton’s novel The Great and Calamitous Tale of Johan Thoms isn’t easy. On one hand, it’s an episodic historical novel, following a man over the cou


After Hitler: A Tale of Two Signings in the Wake of WWII

Michael Jones, author of After Hitler, joins us to discuss the missteps and growing mistrust between the Soviet Union and the US after WWII.


The Rawness and Immediacy of Wartime Diaries

Personal diaries during WWI, unlike letters which were censored, remained private and intimate, and integral to understanding the time.


Paris Under the Nazis: ‘Avenue of Spies’ by Alex Kershaw

Signature caught up with Alex Kershaw to ask a few questions about his new book, Avenue of Spies.