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Killer Overkill? The Shining to Be Bookended by a Literary Prequel and Cinematic Sequel

What do we make of the befuddling news that 'The Shining' would likely spawn a prequel and sequel?


Sequels: The Best and the Never Shouldas

Sequelitis isn't always bad -- but it's definitely an epidemic. There will always someone out there who wants to tell more of the same story, and people who will be curious to hear it.


Jim Thorpe Goes to Hollywood: 1931-1950

Jim Thorpe biographer Kate Buford, author of Native American Son, reveals a starrier, less known side of Jim Thorpe, sports star.


Could Oscar Pill Be the Next Harry Potter? Peut-etre

Producer David Heyman seems to have found his rebound literary boy wonder.


Fletch Redux

The classic comedy may be reincarnated – but who’s the best bet for the resurrection of Irwin M. Fletcher?


The Rite: Second Trailer Unleashed

The second glimpse of this film accompanied by a 23-page sample from journalist Matt Baglio's book with the subtitle "The Making of a Modern Exorcist." Shiver...