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Weekend Reading: Planetary Life, Violence in Kabul, and More

This weekend, discover life on other planets, pray for those hurt in the American University of Afghanistan Kabul and in the earthquake in Italy, and more.


Signature Presents: The Ultimate Reader’s Guide to Whiskey

To celebrate National Bourbon Day, take a journey through the rich history of literature and libations in Signature's reader's guide to whiskey.


Women and Whiskey: Why the Nose Knows

Heather Greene is the director of the Whiskey School at the Flatiron Room in Manhattan, which offers courses on tasting and history that sell out every time. Check out this excerpt from her book, Whiskey Distilled.


Bottoms Up: A Toast to the Rich Culture of America’s ‘Bourbon Empire’

Reid Mitenbuler, 37, joined Signature to discuss 'Bourbon Empire' and the amazing role a simple brown liquor has played in American history.


Talking (and Sipping) Moonshine in the Sunshine

Jaime Joyce's new book, Moonshine: A Cultural History of America's Infamous Liquor, is a compact, compulsively readable account of America's most infamous 'likker.'