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Director: Practical Magic Film Was Literally Cursed

A witch dooms a Hollywood adaptation, Yale students broaden their horizons, and Wonder Woman goes toe-to-toe with Pennywise. All in today's news roundup!


October Surprise: Netflix’s ‘Gerald’s Game’ A Critical Coup

Mike Flanagan's 'Gerald's Game' Stephen King adaptation is earning rave reviews, Paul Aster wants to move on from The New York Trilogy, and more.


On Writers Taking on Shakespeare, and Why It’s More Than Okay

Who could come up with a story of political intrigue and betrayal that didn’t rely, in some way, on Julius Caesar? On writers leaning on Shakespeare.


Art of the Deal Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz Predicts Trump Will Resign

The man who brought The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump has a big prediction for the future of DJT's presidency. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Here’s a List of Libraries Giving Out Free Eclipse-Viewing Glasses

Preparations for this summer's solar eclipse are under way, an unlucky moment for Shakespeare in the Park, and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Why Shakespeare Is the Perfect Beach Read

Looking to up your beach read game? Look no further than the drama-filled four-hundred-year-old works of the original bard, William Shakespeare.