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Art of the Deal Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz Predicts Trump Will Resign

The man who brought The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump has a big prediction for the future of DJT's presidency. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Here’s a List of Libraries Giving Out Free Eclipse-Viewing Glasses

Preparations for this summer's solar eclipse are under way, an unlucky moment for Shakespeare in the Park, and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Why Shakespeare Is the Perfect Beach Read

Looking to up your beach read game? Look no further than the drama-filled four-hundred-year-old works of the original bard, William Shakespeare.


Resistance Reading List: 12 Books Banned by Tucson Schools

Indeed, books are still being banned in this country in the year 2017. This, Shakespeare's never-ending influence, and more - all here in our Daily Blunt.


A Land of Thieves: 14 Quotes on Treachery and Treason

We've got things like treachery and treason on the mind - as did these remarkable authors from throughout history, from Albert Camus to Anais Nin.


Final Julius Caesar Performances Marred by Onstage Protesters

The Public Theater's Julius Caesar does not go quietly into the night, Disney's 'Inside Out' faces a bit of trouble, and more in today's Daily Blunt.