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6 Novels and Memoirs Written by Muslim Women Authors

These six books, novels and memoirs alike, are by Muslim women writers, and provide unique perspectives worth reading, no matter what your background.


8 Books That Honor History’s Unsung Female Heroes

History is filled with the accounts of women whose rejection of convention serve as a timeless reminder of how radical living life on your own terms can be.


The Stories of Everyday Strong Women, and Why We Need Them

Elizabeth J. Church, author of All the Beautiful Girls, reflects on the strong women she's known, and why their everyday stories are worth reading.


Women in Exile: New Books About Iranian Intellectuals

Novels from Jasmin Darznik and Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi spotlight the lives of women whose voices have transcended Iran's turbulent history.


10 Lessons Every 21st-Century Woman Can Learn from Jane Austen

Helena Kelly, author of Jane Austen, the Secret Radical, on lessons 21st-Century women can learn from Jane Austen and her famous literary works.


The 10 Best Female Detectives in Fiction Written by Women

The mystery genre has been hugely influenced by female authors who have written female detectives. These ten sleuths are a few of our favorites.