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Why James Cameron’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Criticisms Are Bogus

James Cameron argues that Sarah Connor from 'T2' is superior to Wonder Woman on the female action hero front. This and more in today's Daily Blunt!


Oscar Watch: Is 2017 the Year of Sex for the Academy Awards?

What better way to kick off awards season chatter than with sex? This, more from the mind behind 'The Lobster,' and more in today's Daily Blunt.


More Than Clowns: Video Essay Explores Secret Theme of ‘It’

Now that we have 'It,' we'll have all the incredible analyses of it as well, starting with this video essay. Get into this and more in today's roundup.


Got Style? Try Your Hand At Copy Editing The New York Times

Your Daily Blunt also includes a rap sheet of crimes against the literary fiction genre, and a new record set by "Wonder Woman" that will be almost impossible to break.


Wonder Woman’s True Origins Revealed in ‘Professor Marston’ Trailer

The deep, dark secrets of the origin of Wonder Woman are no longer that deep, UK tabloids take a toxic reaction to the latest Doctor Who, and more.


Big Win for ‘Part-Time Indian’ in School Censorship Battle

Watch how we get from Sherman Alexie to Edward Gorey with a stop off at Wonder Woman and Ayn Rand - all in today's Daily Blunt.