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Black Panther’s ‘Wakanda’ Cancelled: Have We Hit Peak Superhero?

We've tempered this frustrating news for comics fans with updates from the author of "Hidden Figures" and a book that teaches preschoolers the Big Bang theory. It's your Daily Blunt!


Catch Up on the History of Old ‘Wonder Woman’ Foe, Doctor Poison

Doctor Poison of Wonder Woman is worth your attention, as is the gay thread in The Babadook. This and more in today's Daily Blunt!


The Bondage-Bound, Feminist Origins of Wonder Woman

As Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman lands in theaters, we’re taking a moment to pay homage to the unlikely origins of the superheroine.


Tolkien’s Beren and Lúthien Finally Published After 100-Year Journey

Big news for J. R. R. Tolkien completists, an improved spin on 'Wonder Woman' coverage, and more - all here in our Daily Blunt.


Google Reveals Americans’ Most Common Spelling Mistakes

Google has shed some entertaining light on top-searched spellings across the country, Polygon sheds light on the MPAA's stance on the F-bomb, and more.


The Case Against School Censorship of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

'Thirteen Reasons Why' has sparked an interesting debate around censorship. We're looking at this, gender disproportions in Cannes filmmaking, and more.