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Making History: Characters in Narrative Nonfiction

Gary Krist, author of The Mirage Factory, on how narrative historians, like fiction writers, must write about characters who are fascinating to read about.


Writing is a Journey: Let Inspiration Find You With Each Written Page

Lance Richardson, author of House of Nutter, discusses how writing itself can inspire ideas for those that lack a solid sense of direction.


Nancy Thayer on the Loss of Anita Shreve as a Reader and Writer

Bestselling author Nancy Thayer on the loss the literary world faced after the death of Anita Shreve, and how it affected her as a writer and reader.


Not Short on Story: 7 Short Stories That Show the Genre is Thriving

What short story collections should you read this spring and summer? Lorraine Berry breaks down the latest and greatest for you.


How to Overcome Inner Challenges to Become a Successful Writer

Daniel Chidiac, author of Who Says You Can’t? You Do, shares tips for overcoming inner challenges and self-doubt as a writer.


Fret No More: Here’s What to Do When You Finish a First Draft

Most writers know the feeling of excitement that comes with finishing a first draft. But what comes after? Sandra Scofield shares her advice on the matter.