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The Appeal of Writing Historical Fiction About the 1950s

Amber Brock, author of A Fine Imitation and Lady Be Good, explains why she chose to set her latest novel, a work of historical fiction, in the 1950s.


How to Ground Your Thriller Writing Without Sacrificing Suspense

Bryan Reardon, author of The Real Michael Swann, shares his advice for thriller writers who want to ground their stories in reality without losing suspense.


Richard Russo’s Advice on Writing Through Self-Doubt

Richard Russo's The Destiny Thief is chock-full of fantastic advice for writers. Here's what the author has to say about writing through self-doubt.


The Importance of Reading Like a Writer

To be a successful writer, you need to learn to read like a writer. Joseph O'Neill explains how reading like a writer has helped him hone his craft.


Make a Scene; Let It Linger: Mastering the Scene in Short Story Writing

Nick White, author of short story collection Sweet and Low, joins Signature to discuss his tactics for writing the perfect scene in a short story.


Learning to Focus as a Writer

Author Lexi Blake explains how short story writing gave her the tools she needed to focus as a writer, no matter what she's writing.