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Two Important Tips to Improve Your Nonfiction Writing

Robert Kurson, author of Rocket Men, shares two tips he's used to improve his writing since the publication of his first book, Shadow Divers.


Write What You Want to Know: The Importance of Writing the Unfamiliar

Katie Ganshert discusses the importance of writing about what you want to know and explore, and how she did this in her latest novel, No One Ever Asked.


Don’t Waste Time: If You Want to Be a Writer, Just Write

Tadzio Koelb, the author of Trenton Makes, urges aspiring writers to stop wasting time by striving for perfection, because it's an unrealistic goal.


Advice for Writers: Abandon All Hope of ‘Doing It All’

Just how much space can writing take up in an already crowded life? The author of The Queen of Hearts offers her insight.


Why Setting is an Important Tool for Writing Thrillers

Jennifer McMahon, author of Burntown, explains the role of setting in thrillers and how to craft a setting that adds to the suspense of a story.


Different, But the Same: Writing a New Series Set in the Same Area

Bestselling author Christine Feehan explains why setting doesn't have to change, and why she chose to write about the same place in two of her series.