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Pick Up the Pen: 3 Proven Ways to Get Writing and Finish Your Book

Started writing a book, but lost motivation to finish it? Don't fret - Jon Acuff is here to help with three tried and tested ways to finish your book.


Authors Share Tips for Getting Disciplined with Your Writing

Nine authors, spanning Daniel H. Wilson and Kiki Prottsman, share their tips and tricks for being disciplined when it comes to writing a book.


Through the Imagination and Beyond: 4 Tips to Transport Your Reader

Debut author Bianca Marais offers tips for transporting readers through their imagination to places they've never been before.


Know Your Boundaries: How to Keep Your Balance as a Writer

Thriller writer David Bell, author of Bring Her Home, shares how to keep readers in suspense - without pushing them over the edge.


All of Sophie Kinsella’s Writing Secrets Right Here

Well, maybe not all of them - but we’ve got the one that might matter the most. Read on for this and more from Sophie Kinsella.


Research, Write, Repeat: 6 Rules for Writing Great Detective Fiction

Susie Steiner, author of Missing, Presumed and Persons Unknown, shares six can't-miss rules for anyone looking to write compelling detective fiction.