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Advice for Writers: Abandon All Hope of ‘Doing It All’

Just how much space can writing take up in an already crowded life? The author of The Queen of Hearts offers her insight.


Why Setting is an Important Tool for Writing Thrillers

Jennifer McMahon, author of Burntown, explains the role of setting in thrillers and how to craft a setting that adds to the suspense of a story.


Different, But the Same: Writing a New Series Set in the Same Area

Bestselling author Christine Feehan explains why setting doesn't have to change, and why she chose to write about the same place in two of her series.


The 16 Best Books on Writing Memoir

From inspiration that'll get you started to practical tips for making your way through your first draft, these books will get you writing your memoir. 


How to Overcome Inner Challenges to Become a Successful Writer

Daniel Chidiac, author of Who Says You Can’t? You Do, shares tips for overcoming inner challenges and self-doubt as a writer.


How to Embrace Writing Fiction About Sorrow and Darkness

Sharon Bala, author of The Boat People, shares her experience writing a book about refugees, and offers advice for writing about darkness.