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Questioning the Ethical Stance of the Fiction Writer

Novelist Christos Chrissopoulos argues that books are ‘protected’ by the genre noted on the cover and must remain so for the survival of literature.


Is Everyone a Writer? A Conversation with Julia Fierro

We catch up with Julia Fierro, author of the new novel The Gypsy Moth Summer, to talk about becoming a Writer with a capital W and more.


Leading Ladies in Lit: 16 Books with Fierce Female Protagonists

Here's a list of 16 books featuring awesome female protagonists that are brave, innovative, powerful, and provocative, in all the best ways.


Editors Kristen Case and Jeffrey Cramer Discuss Henry David Thoreau

Here's an interview with the editors of the Penguin Classics editions of Walden and The Portable Thoreau in honor of Thoreau’s 200th birthday this summer.


Delia Ephron on Travel, Marriage, and Her Lastest Bestseller

Author Delia Ephron stars on Beaks & Geeks to chat about Siracusa, her New York Times-bestselling novel (soon to be film), travel, and her life experiences.


The Appeal of the Teenage Experience in Writing, Explained

What is it about the teenage experience that makes it so rich a source for writers? Author Sharon Solwitz joins Signature to explain.