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The 28 Best Books on Writing

Writing is hard, and defining yourself as a writer can be even harder. Here's our exhaustive list of the best books on writing when the blank page beckons.


The Man with No Name: The Appeal of a Character without an Identity

Felix Francis, author of Pulse, explains the allure of a mysterious figure with no identity, and shares his experience in creating a nameless character.


Glory in Blood: Read LitHub’s Compilation of Virginia Woolf’s Sickest Burns

We've got our eyes on everything from Virginia Woolf's smackdowns, Anne Rice's writing lessons, and more - all here in our Daily Blunt.


Is There a Place for the Traditional Western in 2017?

Does old-timey fiction seems like it might be dated? We look at works by Louis L'Amour and Robert Olmstead to determine the place of the western in 2017.


Smart, Nasty Women: Being a Feminist and a Writer in the Trump Era

A new collection of essays by women inspired by the election of Donald Trump addresses feminism, resistance, and revolution - and what it means today.


18 Best Poetry Books to Read Right Now

There is no shortage of great poetry books – poem collections as well as commentary and criticism – this season. Here’s what we’re reading.