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To Mother or Not to Mother: A Writer’s Decision

Novelist Alexandra Oliva always put off deciding to have a child in spite of pressures – until she didn’t. Here, she offers insight into that choice.


How to Capture the Essence of 1930s Hollywood in Writing

Amanda Quick, author of more than fifty New York Times bestsellers, shares tips on how to write about 1930s Hollywood, and how to do it well.


The Reluctant Memoirist: Moving from Fiction in Uncertain Times

When her six-week-old daughter had a stroke, writer Elizabeth L. Silver found herself writing essays instead of the fiction she’d been crafting for years.


Striking a Chord: The Key to Harmony in Music and Writing

Author and rock and roll "groupie" Pamela Des Barres talks about her love for music, and the importance of music in writing and everyday life.


Transcending Worlds: How Travel Can Benefit Writers

Author Allison Amend shares how her unexpected travel experiences have helped her in her writing, and how she shapes her stories around what she's learned.


Memoir Must Reads: A Reader’s Guide to Dani Shapiro

Dani Shapiro weaves among fiction and nonfiction. Here’s where to start (spoiler: her latest!) and where to go from there.