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9 War Movies That Are Actually (Sort of) Realistic

Author and former field artillery officer John Renehan lends his insight to this glorious list of nine war movies that got it right.


Jessica Chastain: From Jolene to Beyond

From 'Jolene' to 'The Help' to 'Zero Dark Thirty,' Jessica Chastain is a cinematic chameleon.


'Lincoln' Ignites Controversy While Inaccuracies in 'Searching for Sugar Man' Go Ignored. What Gives?

Fact checkers have been working overtime to point out the inaccuracies and gaffes in three of the year’s most acclaimed fact-based films.


Razzie-Dazzle 'Em: Jessica Chastain and Hollywood's Best Actresses Push the Envelope

Food for thought: Two-thirds of the best actress nominees in the 2013 Oscars have recently released what contender Jessica Chastain politely calls a 'genre picture.'


Kathryn Bigelow Sounds Off on Torture and 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Also in our roundup today, we're keeping our fingers crossed for The Odyssey in space, we're following the abundance of alternate movie poster interpretations, and flipping through an interactive script for 'Moonrise Kingdom.'


2013 Oscar Nominations: Will Upsets and Underdogs Dominate Oscar Night?

The year 2012 may go down as the one in which Oscar went rogue.