John Grisham's Mitch McDeere Is Back On the Run

Photo credit: ©Lisa Waddell Buser
Photo credit: ©Lisa Waddell Buser

If you number among fans of John Grisham's 1991 thriller The Firm who found themselves wondering about the ultimate fate of legal whistle blower Mitch McDeere, then prepare for some good news. Deadline broke the story this week that courtroom drama king Lukas Reiter and Grisham have joined forces to write a twenty-two-episode television series that picks up ten years after Sydney Pollack's 1993 film "The Firm" left off. International distribution has already been secured, and will be broadcast in more than 125 territories across the globe. NBC expressed domestic interest in the series.

For readers unfamiliar with the plot, Tom Cruise stars as ambitious young lawyer Mitch McDeere, who is employed by a Memphis law firm suspected of having Chicago mob ties. McDeere works with the FBI to topple the prestigious firm. Reiter's series will begin as McDeere and his family emerge from witness protection, and are immediately confronted by both old and new dangers. The Firm is Grisham's second novel and most successful book-to-screen endeavor, grossing over $270 million worldwide.

We are usually leery of sequels, especially after twenty years have passed, but at this point it is difficult to gauge how everything will pan out. The fact that Grisham is an active participant in writing the series gives us peace of mind, as who can know the characters better than their original creator? Casting is in progress, and the major question on everyone's' minds: Will Tom Cruise sign on to reprise his role as McDeere? It seems unlikely that Cruise would consider making the transition to television at this point in his career, but stranger things have happened.

Do you think this series has potential to be as good as Grisham's original novel? Will it work without Tom Cruise?