Brian Greene and PBS Question Reality with 'The Fabric of the Cosmos'

Brian Greene, bestselling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos, has something to share with the world: Things are not as they seem, and our perception of reality is quite possibly wrong. Greene, a renowned physicist and Pulitzer Prize finalist, is bringing his theories from The Fabric of the Cosmos to PBS/NOVA this fall, taking the viewer on a journey to discover a deeper sense of what science has to say about the previously -- and still -- unknown. He will demonstrate what those possibilities are and will attempt to provide a clearer picture of the nature of reality. Through questioning time, space, quantum physics, and the term “multiverse,” Greene explains the complexities of our expansive universe in the four-part miniseries.

These segments will delve into the foundation of his theories and raise some quandaries. Is time linear? Or is it flexible and fluid and therefore open to exploration? What is space and dark energy? How is space like a tangible fabric that can be pulled and contorted? How does the quantum physics debate color current understandings of how one object can affect another across a room? How many other universes are out there? And more importantly, who else is out there?

According to Greene, there could very well be  multiple universes quite like our own, or so foreign as to be unrecognizable. We each could be existing elsewhere asking the same questions we are here, or there could be other beings we cannot fathom. The power of the universe is still largely untapped despite the many brilliant minds that have attempted to uncover it. Greene is taking his shot now, and through his use of analogy, is making his theories accessible to everyone -- no matter our previous scientific knowledge.

The cosmos are coming to PBS/NOVA from November 2-23. Everything will be questioned, shedding new light on a mysterious universe. Wonder awaits.

Tell us what you think:  Is this the beginning of a huge shift in our perceptions? Will this be the end of the world as we know it?