“Wild” Review Roundup

The Boston Globe called "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed, "a poetically told tale of devastation and redemption." Strayed's memoir is the story of how a 26-year-old woman walked 1,100 miles of Pacific Coast Trail in an attempt to mourn her lost mother, her failed marriage, her directionless life -- and to find herself. Here is a reader's guide to "Wild."

Cheryl Strayed Interviews

Signature Exclusive (March 13, 2012)
"Wild" Talk: Cheryl Strayed and Nell Casey On Hiking, Grief and Writing

Vogue (March, 2012)
Walking the Walk: An Interview with Cheryl Strayed, Author of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Interview Magazine (March 19, 2012)
How Cheryl Strayed Found Her Path

NPR Audio Interview (March 19, 2012)
“Wild” by Cheryl Strayed NPR Audio Interview and MP3 Excerpt

YouTube Video Interview
Cheryl Strayed “Wild” Video

"Wild" Reviews

The Boston Globe (March 18, 2012)
Book Review: 'Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail' by Cheryl Strayed

Faster Times (March 18, 2012)
Self Discovery in the Wild: An Interview with Cheryl Strayed

Seattle Times (March 18, 2012)
'Wild': blisters and redemption on the Pacific Crest Trail

Minneapolis Star-Tribune (March 17, 2012)
MEMOIR: "Wild," by Cheryl Strayed

Slate (March 3, 2012)
Trail of Tears

"Wild' Excerpts


My solo hike on the Pacific Crest Trail—three months, 1,100 miles—had many beginnings. There was the first, flip decision to do it, followed by the second, more serious decision to actually do it, and then the weeks of shopping and packing and preparing to do it...  [read more]

Huffington Post

The trees were tall, but I was taller, standing above them on a steep mountain slope in northern California. Moments before, I'd removed my hiking boots and the left one had fallen into those trees...it bounced off of a rocky outcropping several feet beneath me before disappearing into the forest canopy below, impossible to retrieve...  [read more]

More Cheryl Strayed Resources

Signature News
News: Cheryl Strayed Revealed as "Dear Sugar" Columnist