Leo DiCaprio Cast in Film Based on Forthcoming Dennis Lehane Novel

Leonardo DiCaprio/Photo © iStock
Leonardo DiCaprio/Photo © iStock

"Titanic 3-D" came in fourth at the box office this weekend, below both "Cabin in the Woods" and "The Three Stooges," so it's time to wrap up our late '90s Leonardo DiCaprio nostalgia fit, and deal with the present. Could be worse: He's slated to star in the film adaptation of Dennis Lehane's upcoming novel Live By Night -- which we know nothing about, except that it's a follow-up to the author's 2008 novel The Given Day. Then again, he also wrote the book that "Shutter Island" was based on, so there's no telling where this one could go.

Holiday has dug up a 1965 essay by Ray Bradbury in defense of Disneyland. It turns out the prolific sci-fi author was just nuts about the place (having been introduced to its pleasures by the actor Charles Laughton) and bristled at criticisms comparing it to Las Vegas. That was nearly forty years ago -- wonder what he thinks of it now?

NYC's SoHo Film Festival is in full swing. This weekend I managed to catch Carrie Preston's female three-way buddy comedy "That's What She Said," starring Anne Heche and "Arrested Development" alumnus Alia Shawkat (who'll hopefully revive her role as Maeby Funke sometime this decade). I'm still hoping to catch their gathering of short films on Wednesday, and a special fifteenth anniversary screening of "The Deli" on Thursday.

I was terrified to read this interview with "Cabin in the Woods" director Drew Goddard because of potential spoilers, but Goddard and interviewer Keith Phipps manages to dance around all the film's plot points without giving anything away. The movie came in third this weekend, grossing $14M, so it looks like we all still have plenty of time to catch it in theaters.