Take Back Halloween: Literary Costume Tips for Women

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Women's Halloween options need no longer be limited to scanty storebought costumes. Over the past few years, Take Back Halloween has amassed quite a few female authors among its "Notable Women" costume suggestions, breaking it down item by item to make shopping easy. We've got your Jane Austen, your Emma Goldman, your Sappho. If you prefer spooky, you can always go as Lizzie Borden -- not an author per se, but a figure who has certainly inspired her share of fiction (and film).

You'd never think that a Conan the Barbarian costume would be appropriate for a man in his mid-sixties, but Arnold Schwarzenegger's about to prove you dead wrong. The retired California governor will be returning to one of his early roles for a Conan sequel, picking up later in the warrior's life. One of the screenwriters suggests that this will be "Conan's 'Unforgiven,'" alluding of course to the Clint Eastwood film about an aging gunslinger taking on one last mission.

Roger Ebert's review of "Cloud Atlas" has got to be just about as elliptical and philosophical as the film itself (though significantly shorter). He acknowledges its flawed aspects but warmly hails the film as "a demonstration of the magical, dreamlike qualities of the cinema," and looks forward to screening it a third time. If a man in his seventh decade is willing to spend so much of his remaining time on Earth watching this particular movie, then what the heck am I waiting for?

What you see on the screen isn't always what you think you see. This collection of images pairs "The Hobbit" cast members with their on-screen stunt doubles. In some cases there is a fair resemblance -- in others, you can't imagine the two men ever inhabiting the same role. In either case, it's weird to know that seamless CGI artistry will ensure that you'll never be quite sure exactly whose body you're seeing at any given moment.