George V. Higgins' Adaptation 'Killing Them Softly' Breaks Onto the Small Screen

Brad Pitt in 'Killing Them Softly'/Photo © 2011 The Weinstein Co.
Brad Pitt in 'Killing Them Softly'/Photo © 2011 The Weinstein Co.

George V. Higgins' 1974 crime novel Cogan's Trade breezed through theaters last fall in the form of "Killing Them Softly," a cerebral bloodbath starring Brad Pitt as an assassin hired to round up a trio of wanna-be gangsters. This week's Blu-ray and DVD release gives Higgins fans another chance to savor Higgins' dialogue -- much of which seems to have integrated into the script -- and to watch James Gandolfini steal scenes out from under Pitt with an astonishingly understated performance.

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" might outpace even "Prometheus" when it comes to gratuitous plot holes. Buzzfeed has compiled a list of damning questions that prove just how dumb Disney's screenwriters must think we are. By the time they point out that Prince Adam would have been merely eleven at the time of his transformation (so who is that slashed portrait supposed to be, anyway?) you'll be hankering to re-watch and re-educate your simple self.

While we're in All Is Not What It Seems-ville, here are five movie roles that were written for men, but ultimately cast as women. Funny, it seems impossible to imagine Jodie Foster's character in "Flight Plan" ever having been envisioned as a man. And a male Ripley in "Alien"? Forget about it!

Unfortunately it looks like the blog of the week is Actresses Without Teeth, a Tumblr site made up entirely of Photoshopped glamour shots with all the pearly whites painstakingly removed. If you think your favorite actress's beauty is so transcendent that it could survive the removal of one single feature... think again.