English Teacher Compiles Massive 'Hamlet' Movie Reference Supercut

Kenneth Branagh in ‘Hamlet’/Still © Columbia Pictures
Kenneth Branagh in ‘Hamlet’/Still © Columbia Pictures

Geoff Klock set out to show his students and other Shakespeare fans just how deeply Hamlet has worked its way into our culture. So far his collection smashes two hundred examples from TV and film into fifteen amazing minutes. If you notice anything he's missing, be sure to tweet @GeoffKlock. I'm sure he'd be happy to hear about it! Scroll down to watch.

Graduation season nears, which means it's time yet again to watch "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" and argue with your friends over which one of you is the cutest. Here, I'll get you started with twenty-seven ways in which you and your best friend are Romy and Michele. Now let's fold scarves!

While we're lingering over painful adolescent memories, take a gander at this podcast called The JV Club, which focuses on the teenage years of interviewees such as Christina Hendricks, Maria Bamford, or Susan Orlean. The stories veer from painful to quite funny, and I suspect that becoming a regular listener could save me quite a bit on therapy.

The cast of "American Horror Story: Coven" continues to balloon, in a good way. New additions Angela Bassett and Patti LuPone will join the already impeccably credentialed Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy. This show's got more serious acting talent than most major motion pictures, and ought to inspire a new Emmy category for Sheer Bitchiness.