Wiki Wars: Female Authors Fight To Be Listed Among 'American Novelists'

Joyce Carol Oates/Photo © Marion Ettlinger
Joyce Carol Oates/Photo © Marion Ettlinger

There's a big dust-up over at Wikipedia this week over the unfortunate trend of women being removed from the "American Novelists" category and being added instead to the separate "American Women Novelists" list. This is mainly a userbase issue, but authors themselves are beginning to strike back against the insidious sexism. As Joyce Carol Oates sagely tweeted, "Wikipedia bias an accurate reflection of universal bias. All (male) writers are writers; a (woman) writer is a woman writer."

How nerdy are you willing to get with me this morning? For example, are you willing to consider how those "A Game of Thrones" house sigils everyone's been posting all over the internet would look if they featured Pokemon instead? Having marveled, we can now add these to the pile of other sigils, including those that feature literary characters, those that categorize the show's own viewers, those adapted by a Nike designer, and those that celebrate scientific discovery.

I've been excited to check out "Pain & Gain" -- I make it a point to see almost any movie that is protested or threatened with censorship, just to see what the big deal is. However, I'm tempted to temporarily suspend that policy based on Videogum's review of the movie, which according to its author, if reduced to a single sentence, would contain the words "'homophobic,' 'misogynistic,' 'anti-semitic,' 'disgusting,' and 'nightmare.'" All of which I'm interested in being able to formulate my own opinion on, but this is starting to seem like more of a critical slog than I'd been looking forward to. Perhaps it would be simpler if we all just vowed to pretend this film never happened?

Big new changes at Netflix: You can no longer stream underrated classics like Hal Ashby's "The Landlord" -- Warner Brothers has moved a lot of these titles to its own new streaming site. There are dramatic changes to Netflix's customer interface too, which seem like further evidence of an angsty identity crisis. Netflix, can't you just hold still and stay awesome for even ten minutes? We who are at your mercy beg of you.