A Closed Letter: Patton Oswalt's Huge Essay on Plagiarism, Heckling, and More

Patton Oswalt/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock
Patton Oswalt/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

Film actor and comedian Patton Oswalt ("Young Adult") has spoken out many times in many ways about the various controversies affecting his colleagues in the stand-up world, but over the weekend he posted a lengthy statement on matters such as as thievery, heckling, and jokes about edgy issues like rape -- and it's one of the more serious and thoughtful pieces you're ever likely to encounter from a great comic mind. Meanwhile, you'll be seeing him again soon in Ben Stiller's remake of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

Oswalt's not the only one taking us to school. Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki ("Spirited Away," "Howl's Moving Castle") has filmed a tutorial that will teach you all the best techniques for cooking instant ramen. I haven't craved the stuff since college, and yet here I am already mentally composing a dinner party invitation list based on Miyazaki's tasty looking results.

Remember 25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore? I regret to inform you that, a year and a half later, the same author has now posted 25 things she has learned from closing a bookstore. I found #17 to be particularly sobering: "If you think people with trucks avoid you when you're getting ready to move to a new apartment, just wait until you're closing a bookstore." Wishing this book-lover luck in whatever her next venture might be!

At least (for now) we still have libraries! The Seattle Public Library just earned a Guinness World Record for constructing the longest domino chain out of books -- 2,131 of them, to be exact. If the author of that last article can't unload all her unsold stock, she should consider trying to beat this record with her infinite supply of romance novels. Want to see the current champion in action? Watch below.